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This Technique "Seams" Perfect!

Good grief! My high school English teacher, Mrs. June Atkin, is probably cringing at the lack of a proper adverb! But, who doesn’t like a play on words?

In an educator’s dream, we commit their lessons to our permanent memory bank. Some lessons stick more easily than others, though. . . Government and Politics, for example. (Ugh.) If you are a visual learner, like me, the demonstration of a good technique is pure golden goodness. Ann K. Johnson teaches this great technique for matching patterns, and it is so satisfying! A versatile method, it is especially handy for long drapery panel seams, as the stitching line virtually disappears when the drapery is hanging.

This week, I’ve been working on a houndstooth weave which is a prime example for this technique. (Spoiler alert — no pins to stab you with this method!) First, fold under the seam allowance of one width at the exact position you want to match; press. Right sides up, lay that width on top of the other, then line-up the pattern to match. Now, carefully straight stitch right next to the fold, with a medium-long stitch, matching the pattern perfectly as you go. It may be slow going at first, but you’ll get the hang of it! I like to serge off the seam allowances underneath, when I’m finished. Of course, that last step comes only after I admire my beautiful match, pat myself on the back, and sing my teacher’s praises!

Note: The Sewing Gods are happiest when you sew from bottom to top. I have “cheated” and gone in the other direction when the largest width of material is too bulky to slide through the machine to the right of the needle. Also, a "hinged split-toe" sewing machine foot was used for this technique.

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