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A 'Big-Girl' Table!

I was just remembering, this weekend, that I actually started out my workroom business on a small foldable cardboard table that my Mother bought me from the local fabric store. When it warped to an un-useable state, I purchased a melamine folding table from JoAnn Fabrics Stores. It was good step up, but eventually, the hinges gave way and that top warped from steam, too. Then, Greg (hubby) built me a "real" worktable from a set of workbench legs and a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood, outfitted it with a pinnable, padded surface and heavy canvas top. I had died and gone to heaven! A surface I could pin into - and a football field of table space to lay out my fabrics!

Recently, I had the opportunity to purchase table parts from a sweet friend who is retiring from the business. A long 12" x 96" table top piece, and a 36" x 60" piece were removed from her table and hauled to my new workroom studio. This past weekend, Greg and our son Wyatt helped me increase the size of my table to regulation "Big-Girl" size! It is 60" wide by 132" long -- I think that might actually be an ACRE of space!! New Sturdy legs, pinnable underlayment and padding, a new gridded canvas top, and wait for it. . . aluminum side rails with metal tape measures applied on each side!! I am on top of the world! Rolling out a whole width of fabric will be a cinch! Measuring long, exact lengths will take no time! It is a marvel!

This table has come to me in various stages of personal and business growth. Mom always said that everything will work out, and she was right. Some things are just worth waiting for, right? Best of all was the love that I felt as my Husband and son helped me make this happen, though there were a few nasty words that slipped out along the way, and a few bandages applied! The support of family and the help of friends are such blessings. I'm such a lucky girl!

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